What Does A Prequalification Letter Mean

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Does a pre-qualification letter for an auto loan mean anything? My mother received a letter in the mail saying that she was "pre-qualified" for an auto loan up to $40k. She is really excited and wants to go talk to the dealership.

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What Does a Pre-Approval Letter Mean? – Budgeting Money – Pre-Qualification. A pre-qualification letter is similar to a pre-approval letter in that it lays out what buyers can afford to pay. However, it relies only on buyer statements with no independent verification. It’s easier and faster to get because it is only an informal estimate.

While pre-qualification can be helpful in determining how much a lender is willing to give you, a pre-approval letter will make a stronger impression on sellers and let them know you have the cash.

"Pre-Qualification" is a much abused term. There are really two ways to obtain infomation from a lender showing if you have the ability to qualify for a loan. In each case below, the lender must send you a good faith estimate, Truth-in-Lending statement, appropriate state disclosures, and a letter specifying the terms under which the lender expects to provide you with financing.

Getting a pre-approval letter means that you are likely to be approved for a mortgage and also states the amount for which you may be approved. It carries much more weight than a pre-qualification letter. It’s important to remember that you are not guaranteed to get a mortgage if you are pre-approved or pre-qualified.

Verification of Rent (VOR) On a manual underwrite you may also have to go an extra mile regarding your current living situation. Veterans who aren’t currently homeowners might need what’s known as a Verification of Rent, or VOR, if they’re planning to purchase a home.. Lenders want to see that you’ve made on-time rent payments or that you have solid assets while living rent-free, which.

The letter should have a date and be signed by whomever prepared the letter with their contact information. When I prepare a preapproval letter for someone who’s buying a home located in Washington, at the very least, they have gone through preliminary underwriting.

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