use your tax refund to buy a home

When you get a large tax refund, it can be tempting to splurge on something big and fun, like a Caribbean vacation.But a large tax refund is actually a great chance to improve your current financial situation. Read on for nine ways you shouldn’t spend your tax refund – and what to do with that money instead.

11 fun ways to spend your tax refund – A tax refund can be a great excuse for taking care of those fixes around the house you’ve been putting off and allow you to show off your home repair skills. to focus on fitness. Use the tax refund.

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Use Your Tax Refund On Your Home – Kathy Vendel – Use Your Tax Refund On Your Home. kathy vendel february 24, 2016. Have you filed your taxes yet? We know – tax season isn’t anybody’s favorite time of the year (except, of course, for tax accountants). But if you’re expecting a refund, now is a great time to reinvest that money in your home.

Eight Ways to Use Your Tax Refund When Buying a Home – What Is The Best Use Of Your Tax Refund When Buying a Home? 1. Tax Refund to Pay Closing Costs. 2. Tax Refund for Down Payment on a Home. 3. Tax Refund for Earnest Deposit. 4. tax refund to Buy Down the Interest Rate. 5. Tax Refund to Buy out or Eliminate pmi (private mortgage insurance). 6..

Your Tax Refund: Buying a Car vs. Paying Off Debt – If you’re anticipating a substantial tax refund this year, you may be making plans to buy that new car that you have had your eye on. But if you have any unpaid debt, you may want to hold off on that vehicle purchase until your finances are in better shape.Investing in your.

"Before you buy a home, you need to make sure that you are ready to buy a home," Conarchy says. When buyers rely on their tax refunds as down payment, that’s a sign they have not been able to save money on their own. "The only reason they have the money is because they paid too much in taxes," he says.

10 Ways to Use a Tax Refund to Buy or Update a Home – Both home buyers and homeowners can leverage their tax refunds in a variety of ways to either purchase a home or build more home equity. Spread your wealth wisely with these top 10 ways to spend your tax refund for homeownership.

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