reverse mortgage tax implications

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The loan proceeds are generally tax-free. You’re still on the hook. Prospective borrowers are also required to meet with reverse mortgage counselors to learn about the financial implications of the.

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A reverse mortgage loan converts a portion of the equity in your home into cash. This type of loan is designed for older adults age 62 or older who want to pull equity out of their home for immediate expenses, such as home repairs or medical bills.

About the Tax Consequences of a Reverse Mortgage Reverse Mortgage. A reverse mortgage is a loan based on the equity of a home. tax-free. income from a reverse mortgage is not the same as income from work, Interest. People with a reverse mortgage still have to pay interest on the home loan..

The tax implications of reverse mortgages are just one factor that seniors should consider when planning their retirement. Reverse mortgages can be heavily marketed products, but they aren’t the only way for seniors to find the funding they need for their retirement.

What are the tax consequences to me if we sell by means of an installment. Can we deduct it on our tax return? To qualify for a reverse mortgage, you must be at least 62 years old, occupy the house.

Reverse Mortgage Tax Implications – The Benefits The proceeds received from a reverse mortgage are not susceptible to federal or state income tax and can be used however the borrower may so choose. Reverse mortgage proceeds also do not affect regular Social Security or Medicare benefits.

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A reverse mortgage can provide a tax advantage to a homeowner and his heirs because the home’s tax basis is stepped up to the fair market value of the house at the time of the homeowner’s death. A reverse mortgage that allows the homeowner sufficient funds to remain in his house until death allows the heirs to escape any capital gains tax otherwise due on the appreciated value of the house.